Your pension could be being depleted by over-excessive fees and charges. We Compare Drawdown providers and tell you how much you could save.

Save You Thousand On Your Pension

Your pension could be being depleted by over-excessive fees and charges. We Compare Drawdown providers and tell you how much you could save.

Are you paying too much in fees and charges?

You’ve set your pension drawdown plan up but after you’ve received a few annual statements, you’re concerned that the growth of your pension is being depleted by charges. You know this but don’t know where to start in comparing other plans that are available. We’re here to help. We have access to all available pension drawdown providers and their charges. We’ll simply look at where you are invested and tell you if there is a less expensive alernative.

How much can I save by Switching?

So is it worth transferring your scheme?

Let us look at some numbers.

If you have £200,000 in drawdown and we can reduce your ongoing charges by 0.4%, that’s £800 saving per year. Over the lifetime of your pension, say 20 years, that’s £16,000 you could save.

We can also look at your funds and advise on a more cost-effective portfolio. If we can reduce the cost of your funds, you could save the same again over the lifetime of your retirement.

That’s more of your money in your pocket and not being paid to run your plan.

Switching provider is simpler than you think

Changing drawdown plans doesn’t have to be hard. A small reduction in the annual fees can mean thousands of pounds saved.

Yes, if you’re happy with the funds you’re invested in and want to find a provider who offers access to these, but want to save some money on the provider fees, we can help.

Yes. If you want us to review your pension portfolio and recommend a suitable group of investments that both saves you money and gives your fund a chance to perform, get in touch.

We’ll review your pension and provide you with a breakdown of the costs, before you’re committed to pay anything. On things for sure, you’ll end up paying less of your pensions out in fees after you’ve spoken to us.

No. We’ll provide you with an idea of how much you can save on your pension, and you decide if you’d like to proceed with our help.

There really isn’t one. We know pension providers make it extremely difficult to compare pension drawdown plans and so we’re here to take that pain away. You simply tell us the plan you have, and we’ll explain what options you have, and you decide if you want to proceed.


You’re in good hands

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